NRCHA Reined Cow Horse Show


January 11, 2022 @ 8:00 am
CINCH Arena/Events Center

The National Reined Cow Horse Association presents the Reined Cow Horse Show and Reined Cow Horse Show Bridle Feature. Originating from the California vaqueros, this show is designed to showcase how ranch horses can transfer their moves during everyday tasks such as sorting, branding, and doctoring into the competition arena. Events within the show include herd work, rein work, and fence work featuring some of the best horsemanship and professionals you can find in the industry. Tuesday will begin with herd work where horse and rider pairs will sort out one cow from the herd. The rest of the day horses and riders will compete in the reining phase and fence work where they are asked to work a cow along a fence and circle in the arena. View the complete horse show class schedule here.