Wild West Show


January 15, 2023 @ 4:00 pm
CINCH Arena/Events Center

Patterned after Buffalo Bill’s world-renowned portrayal of the old West, our Wild West Shows follow his traditions of bringing together diverse casts with a variety of talents to entertain and educate audiences. These fast-paced shows have included favorite personalities like Buffalo Bill himself, Annie Oakley, Lucille Mulhall, Bill Pickett and portrayals of American Indians, Cossacks, Pony Express, charros, vaqueros and cowboys.

We will kickoff the weekend of two shows by driving the longhorn herd up Humboldt Street on Saturday, January 14th at 2 p.m.

Designed to both educate and entertain, the National Western Wild West Show will take you on a historical trip back to the days of the Old West with reenactments of the original Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows. Come experience the color and pageantry of the Old West reenacted into the Wild West Show. Known for bringing nations and people together, Buffalo Bill’s influence shows us We’re All Cowboys. Fans of all ages will reminisce of Wild West legends, including Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and others. The show is full of quick draw antics and cowboy entertainment, painting the story of how the West was won.