Sophy Brown named the 2020 Featured Artist

Sophy Brown has been named the 2020 Featured Artist of the 27th Annual Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale. Brown’s painting, Maelstrom, has been selected for the National Western’s permanent art collection. This signature work will also be available for sale as a poster during the 2020 Coors Western Art Exhibit. This painting exemplifies the contemporary realism of the West that the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale has become known for and why it is one of the nation’s most attended western art exhibitions, as well as one of largest fundraisers for the National Western Scholarship Trust, the philanthropic pillar of Colorado’s National Western Stock Show. 

In the genre of Western art, Sophy Brown is an iconoclast. Horsewoman and classically trained artist, Brown elevates equine imagery by melding her reverence for horses with her search for understanding of the world around her. Brown’s work has evolved dramatically over the last few years, bringing raw emotion to a new body of work that she refers to as “self-portraits.” Brown has freed herself from the constraints of conventional representational western art, and instead allows herself to experiment with spray paint, adding torn layers and flinging paint at the surface. She takes paintings to the brink of destruction—often beyond the brink—as a way to dive deeper into the depths of her psyche, open new pathways, and, ultimately, express her very human experience.

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Maelstrom by Sophy Brown

Maelstrom by Sophy Brown

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