You know you’re from Colorado when…(NWSS Style)

  1. You will never ever call the Broncos stadium anything but Mile High

  2. Everyone asks you if  you listen to John Denver

  3. You can correctly pronounce “Poudre”, “Buena Vista”, and “Saguache”

    Don’t believe us?

  4. You have difficulty identifying which Subaru is yours in a parking lot

  5. You truly know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are and where to find them

    Hungry? Here’s a recipe to make them yourself:

  6. You gauge directions based on the mountains

  7. Your tap water tastes better than bottled water
    Acqua fresca di montagna

  8. Just because we are a mile high doesn’t mean we are all a “mile high”!

  9. The bike on top of your car is worth more than the car

  10. You know that January means its time for the National Western Stock Show