Prospecting for the Future

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In 2017, Lilly Skiles showed her steer “Grey Dog” in the Prospect Steer Show and won 5th Overall. Last night, Skiles entered the Beef Palace Auction Arena with the same steer but with the title of Grand Champion Junior Market Steer and sold him for a National Western record of $140,000.

The Prospect Steer Show is more than just an entry show for young steers and heifers. It’s a chance to see where your animal stands – in the hopes that it’ll come back the following year to win it all.

National Western’s Prospect Steer and Heifer show is unique in that all the animals are not shown by age or breed, but by weight. Because of that, most of the classes have a lot of color and several animals could qualify for breed shows at any other stock show.

There are three sections to the Prospect Show: Prospect Steer, Prospect Market Heifer, and Prospect Breeding Heifer. According to the National Western Livestock Office, over 675 entries were submitted and close to 500 have shown today.

What’s most intriguing about the National Western Prospect Show is the “circle of life” process that happens. Just last night Skiles was selling her Grand Champion Junior Market Steer at his terminal endpoint. The very next morning, we have the extraordinary opportunity to see animals that are at the very beginning of theirs.