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January 6-21, 2024

Interested in covering the 118th National Western Stock Show?

We would like to say “thank you” to the many industry-specific, agricultural, entertainment, news, and general market media for the support we receive each and every year. We are working to assist you in any way possible as we look to the upcoming National Western Stock Show in January. Please feel free to contact us to arrange interviews with our President & CEO, Executive team, Rodeo, Horse, and Livestock Directors as well as contestants, performers, and any behind-the-scenes personnel to help tell the story.

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2024 Media Credentials

Qualified Media

NWSS Media Credentials are issued to broadcast, print, and internet media assigned to cover the National Western Stock Show. Requests must be submitted by the assigning authority at the media outlet (editor, news director, broadcast producer).  Credentials will be issued to authorized personnel, employed by the media outlet for the purpose of providing timely news coverage of NWSS.  Employment verification may be requested (business card, photo id, name on website).  NWSS media credentials will not be issued to marketing, promotions, sales, advertising, public relations, personnel.

Freelance Journalists

Freelance journalists are required to submit an assignment letter from the general manager, editor, or news director; on official letterhead of the media outlet, and will only receive media credentials if on assignment.  Production companies are required to submit a letter from their broadcast organization providing details of the editorial coverage and footage required.  Media credentials for freelance photographers without assignment will not be granted.

Online/Social Media

Online/social media will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Only media with active news websites qualify for credential consideration.  The website must post original, dated, and industry-related news on a regular basis.  Social media without a supporting news website will not be considered.

Commercial Use of Photographs

Commercial use of photographs, video, and film taken at NWSS is strictly prohibited without the full written consent of the NWSS Media department.

No Sale of Photographs

The sale of photographs taken at NWSS is strictly prohibited. Logo'd photographs are strictly prohibited.  Shooting images and placing a photographer's logo on any images taken at NWSS is strictly forbidden.

Media Credential Access

An NWSS Media Credential provides media access to grounds events, activities, and Events Center shows in approved areas.  The NWSS Media Credential does not give access to cover rodeo events in the Denver Coliseum. Media wishing to cover the rodeo must obtain a separate daily credential from the Rodeo Media Office located in the Coliseum. Space in credentialed areas is very limited; therefore access may be restricted at certain times.

If you require specific access to an area on a select occasion, please contact the Media department. Submitting a credential request form does not guarantee media access.  All requests are processed and applying media will be notified. Requests received during the 16-day Stock Show require 24 hours for processing. Credentials are not transferable and the NWSS reserves the right to cancel accreditation at any time.

Photographs, video, audio, or other depictions of NWSS activities/events must be used for the accredited media stated on the NWSS media credential form.

NWSS Media Staff

Karen Woods
Senior Director of Marketing & PR
[email protected]

Danielle Lewis
Creative Director
[email protected]

Janet Kline
Media Volunteer
[email protected]

Photography Library
Auction of Junior Livestock Champions, female steer exhibitor is interview on the auction block by Kathy Sabine of 9News

The National Western Stock Show maintains a library of Stock Show photos for use by media. We are pleased to provide photos to you to support your stories. All NWSS photos must be credited National Western Stock Show, Volunteer Photographer. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer photographer, click here.

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Video Library
Video Library

The National Western YouTube channel has a variety of videos captured over the years. From fun highlights to exciting horse shows and rodeos, you could watch hours of your favorite events.

If you need footage of a specific event, please contact [email protected].

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NWSS Brand
Brand Package

The National Western Stock Show (NWSS) is an historic Colorado institution, recognized easily by name and the graphic elements and images that represent the brand.

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