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2020 Horse Premium Book

2020 CINCH Arena in the Events Center Event Scheduleupdated 9/19/19
2020 CINCH Arena in the Events Center Class Scheduleupdated 9/19/19

Request a hard copy premium book HERE (while supplies last)

PATTERNS & ARENA SCHEDULES for specific shows will be posted in the division accordions below.

2020 NWSS Grounds & Parking Map –
coming soon
2020 Coors Field Trailer Parking Map –
coming soon

Downloadable Horse Show entry forms will be posted in early November.

Open the forms and download as a PDF so they become writable forms. Please print and sign before mailing, emailing or faxing. Signatures must be wet signatures. By submitting an entry, you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations and specific divisional rules in the NWSS Horse Premium List as well as each sanctioning organization. INCOMPLETE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Payment Forms MUST accompany entries to be considered complete.

2020 Horse Event Participation Declaration – Required for every horse entering grounds. Bring upon arrival, DO NOT send with entries.
2020 Payment FormMUST submit with entries
2020 Youth Freestyle Reining Showcase Application
 – DUE 9/30/19 (see accordion)
2020 RAM Invitational Freestyle Reining Application – DUE 9/30/19 (see accordion)
2020 Youth Equestrian Showcase scholarship program Application – DUE 9/30/19 (see Horse Show page)
2020 Youth Ranch Horse Mentor Matchup Application – DUE 10/31/19 (see accordion)
2020 Quarter Horse and Paint Horse Entry Form – DUE 12/13/19
2020 Reined Cow Horse Entry Form – DUE 12/13/19
2020 USEF Hunter/Jumper Entry Form – DUE 12/13/19
2020 Horseman’s Challenge Entry – DUE 12/6/19 (see accordion)
2020 Mule & Donkey Entry Form – DUE 11/29/19
2020 Draft Horse Entry Form – DUE 11/29/19

Videographer/Webcast – EQSportsNet
Mentor Matchup, Ranch Rodeo, Freestyle Reining, AQHA/APHA, NRCHA Photographer – Performance Horse Photography
Hunter Jumper, Wild West Show, Dancing Horses, Draft & Mule Photographer – Casey McBride Photography

CINCH Arena in the Events Center
Tuesday, January 21, 2020 | 8 a.m.
Wednesday, January 22, 2020 | 8 a.m.

Arrival times will be scheduled.
Release begins after your last event for ease of the next move in
Horseman’s Challenge Horses must vacate by: January 22, 2020 4:00 p.m.

Rules & Information

Schooling – coming soon
Beginner – coming soon
Intermediate – coming soon
Advanced – coming soon
Team Challenge – coming soon
Speed Challenge – coming soon

Registration: Entries close December 6th

See page 51 in the NWSS Horse Premium Book, above under Horse Exhibitor Resources.

The National Western Horseman’s Challenge provides a challenging, educational and entertaining opportunity for local and national equestrians to be involved in the NWSS within a growing and evolving discipline. Horse and rider teams will face obstacles and maneuvers testing their horsemanship and confidence in each other. Obstacles and maneuvers will vary to accommodate all levels and ages of riders and horses. The National Western Horseman’s Challenge is open to all ages of horse and rider and breed of horse, pony, mule or donkey. Safety will be emphasized at all times.

FAQ – updated 12/5/18

Potential Obstacles: back thru, ground poles, small jump, bridge, gate, side pass, lead thru obstacles, any gait or maneuver (spins, lead changes, rollbacks, etc.), pick up a prop, carry a prop, move an obstacle or prop, drag an obstacle or prop, walk thru or under items, tarp, ground tie, rope, other animals as props (another horse, cattle, dog, sheep, etc.), wild game props (antlers, hide, etc.), toys (water squirt gun, ball, etc.) and others!

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