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A Partnership Built Between Two Western Legacies

CommonSpirit Health is excited to extend our mission of service by partnering with the National Western Stock Show. Together, this is our opportunity to serve vibrant communities, help loving neighbors, and partner with real, authentic people. Both CommonSpirit and the National Western have rich legacies in our region that span more than a century. Farming and ranching have been a critical part of the fabric of CommonSpirit's history in Colorado, Kansas and Utah since 1882. A thriving agriculture industry helps each of the communities we serve on a journey to be whole and healthy.

Our joint vision is a future where nourishing, affordable, culturally relevant food is produced by and for our flourishing communities in ways that support the well-being of individual people, whole communities, and the planet. It is about agriculture and education for every community, every neighborhood, and every life. We are proud to be the presenting sponsor of the National Western Stock Show.

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Colorado Produce Calendar

Eating local, seasonal produce has tremendous benefits for your nutrition, the environment, the local economy, and even your bank account. Seasonal produce is higher quality. Fruits and vegetables are fresher and higher quality when they're in season. They also tend to have richer flavor.

Colorado Produce Calendar


Find a Local Farmers Market

Colorado has a multitude of farmers markets with locally grown, farm-fresh produce, delicious baked goods and good-to-the-last bite prepared foods. Find a market near you and enjoy farm to table all summer long.

Farm Fresh Directory

Denver Area Farmers Markets

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Local Ranches

Why buy meat from direct from a local rancher? The benefits of local meat are numerous – you are supporting your local farmers, your meat is fresher and healthier, and it tastes better. Not only that, but you are practicing a more ethical and sustainable style of eating, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

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