Animal Wellness & Care

Animals are the special "stock" in our Stock Show

Every animal participating in the activities and competitions of the National Western Stock Show, rodeo, horse shows and across the NWSS grounds shall at all times be provided proper care and management.  The care, custody and control of the animals is the responsibility of the exhibitor and stock contractor who must comply with the NWSS animal wellness & care guidelines and policies.  To ensure compliance, NWSS has instated the Animal Health, Use & Care Committee devised of state and local veterinarians, equine specialists, animal ethics and welfare experts to address and advise on any issues of concern on the grounds of the NWSS during the show, with emphasis on proper care and treatment.

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The National Western Stock Show upholds the humane treatment of every horse, donkey, and mule participating in any show, competition, or activity to the highest degree. Therefore, exhibitors are required to follow strict rules and regulations while participating in or at NWSS. This includes every animal's ethical and humane treatment throughout the show arena, warm-up arena, paddock, and barns. Unethical fitting or barbaric practices may, at the discretion of show management and the Animal Care and Use Committee, be barred from future competitions at NWSS.



As the Super Bowl of livestock shows, the NWSS requires all exhibitors, participants and guests follow the National Show Ring Code of Ethics.  Any inhuman treatment of animals will not be tolerated.  Any violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification and could result in a lifetime ban from participation at NWSS.



NWSS requires all associations, stock contractors and rodeo personnel abide by strict animal care guidelines, as well as state and local laws on animal care and treatment. Any violation of those guidelines will be immediately reported to the proper authorities and could result in a lifetime ban from participation at NWSS.

The pro rodeos of NWSS includes sanctioned PRCA rodeos and stands with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association's committment to the proper care and treatment of the livestock used in rodeo.

The PRCA Livestock Welfare Program is extensive and covers many aspects including livestock care standards, education, research, outreach and government relations.