Trade Show Exhibitors

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the National Western Stock Show, January 8-23, 2022. The event draws over 700,000 attendees over 16 days. There are 900 exhibit spaces and 300 participating exhibitors located in three buildings throughout the complex. Space fees are $10-$18 per square foot depending on your exhibit location plus a $100 per exhibitor facility fee and $85 mandatory basic electrical fee.

Below is the price per square foot range for each of the exhibit areas/buildings. Please note that the prices are subject to change at any time for any reason. Standard exhibit spaces are 10′ wide by 8′ deep and there are many spaces with non-traditional dimensions due to the layout of the facilities.

  • Coliseum: $16 per square foot
  • Events Center: $15 per square foot
  • Expo Hall: $18 per square foot
  • Expo Hall 3: $14 per square foot
  • Hall of Education: $16 per square foot
  • Stadium Hall: $12 per square foot
  • Stadium Arena: $10-$14 per square foot
  • Stadium Hall Connecting Link 2: $14-$15 per square foot

To apply, please complete the application (available online in late March) and upload pictures or catalogs of your product/service and booth display.  A new application is required for each show as we do not keep them on file. Applications that do not include photos/catalogs and a picture of your booth display will not be considered.

Exhibitors from the previous show, who are in good standing, are given the first right of refusal to their booth space.  Spaces that become available are assigned to new exhibitors at the sole discretion of NWSS. We strive to maintain a product balance throughout all exhibit areas.  Some factors considered when choosing new exhibitors are the health and safety of the public, product balance of exhibitors,  space requirements, uniqueness of the product, and the professionalism of the exhibit display. Please note that we receive more applications than we can accommodate and we do our best to place new exhibitors throughout our facility as spaces become available.

Once you submit your completed application, you will receive an email confirmation. Space assignments for new exhibitors will begin in September 2021 and end in late October 2021. Unfortunately, we will not know about space availability before this time.

If you have questions, please email Bridget Oakes, Trade Show Manager, or call 303-299-5524. Thank you for your interest in the National Western Stock Show, and we look forward to receiving your application.

* If you are interested in having a larger presence at the event with a partnership, please email John Ellis or, call 303-299-5552.

Contact Info

Important Dates

  • Application Opens: March 2021
  • Spaces Assigned: Sept - Oct 2021
  • Show Dates: January 8-23, 2022