The Many Hats of Dr. Aaron Cooper

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Judge today, owner of an international cattle-consulting company tomorrow.  These are just a few of the hats Dr. Aaron Cooper wears.

Cooper grew up in San Angelo, Texas, on a cow-calf operation and cotton farm. His passion for the livestock industry then lead him to pursue his degree at Texas A&M University where he was apart of the 2004 National Champion Livestock Judging Team.

This year, Cooper was given the opportunity to come judge the Charolais Show at the National Western Stock Show.

“As a young man growing up in a small little Texas town watching and admiring others that have shown and been able to judge at a high level, it was goal that I set for myself early on in my judging career,” Cooper said.

Cooper has judged shows all across the nation, but in his opinion, nothing has come close to the super bowl of livestock shows, the National Western Stock Show.

“Today is a day that I have dreamed about for a long time,” he said.

Under the stadium arena lights and the wooden green chairs packed with spectators, Cooper sorted through the competitive Charolais cattle.  

“It was very fitting that I judged the Charolais cattle because it’s a breed I work with every day in a commercial setting,” he said. “I was really excited about the level of competition I saw today,” he said.

Taking off the judging felt cowboy hat, Cooper is the owner of 33 Ventures LLC., which is a consulting company for Akaushi cattle, which is a Red Wagyu breed.

“About 80 percent of my business activities are international,” Cooper said. “We’ve seen an international demand for those highly marketable genetics that still preform at an acceptable level in terms of growth, vigor and maternal ability.”

Through Cooper’s company, he is helping improve beef quality levels around the world.

“I do collaborative research on meat quality and Wagyu genetics with an Australian group,” Cooper said. “I help get sub standard beef up to Choice level in other countries that don’t have the infrastructure that America has.”

Cooper’s unmatched passion for the cattle industry is helping to open doors for the livestock industry’s youth and changing lives outside the United States.

What a pleasure it was to visit with Dr. Cooper about his many interests.