There’s Is So Much To – Bee- Learned at National Western Stock Show


Students engaging with the live beehive in the CSU Ag Adventure

There is so much to learn at the National Western Stock Show! One of our favorite learning experiences during the Stock Show is the CSU Ag Adventure! From soil biology to farm fresh eggs and cuts of beef, there is an endless amount of information at the Ag Adventure. It is an all-inclusive experience to learn about Colorado Agriculture and everything it has to offer.

While exploring this exhibit about Colorado agriculture, make sure to stop by the one-of-a-kind Bee Keeping section inside the Ag Adventure with our very own live Beehive! The Colorado State Beekeepers Association has tons of information and history about Colorado beekeeping. I had the pleasure of talking to Ruth Spano, Cheryl McLaughlin, and Sean McLaughlin at the exhibit and learned so much about bees.

Did you know that beekeeping and harvesting honey dates back to 7000 BC in Spain! The honeybee was introduced in the United States around 1622 in an effort to help with failing crops. The importance of these little pollinators grew as westward expansion became a popular quest. The treeless plains were not friendly to bees, and many of the creatures suffered from failed crops and harvests. The first colonies were brought to the West Coast by train and sold for $25, which was a lot back then!

Pollinators, like bees, are an essential part of our ecosystems. Bees bring life to plants, trees, and the food we eat! Without bees, we would not have all the delicious and flavorful food or see pretty flowers or fruits. To keep our ecosystem alive, we can do things to welcome bees to our property. You can leave bare ground areas for ground-nesting bees, use little to no pesticides when bees are in an active season, try to plant native flowers that have more pollen than most modern hybrids, plant a variety of plants and flowers in groups so they can easily pick their favorites to harvest, and don’t be afraid of the stings! Bees are not like wasps; they do not want to harm you. Did you know only half of the world’s bee population can sting? You can wear bright-colored clothes and make slower movements to minimize the risks of being stung.  

The CSU Ag Adventure has so many more spectacular displays you simply must see! Don’t forget to help milk June the Cow when you are exploring CSU Ag Adventure! The CAM’s Classroom is a great way to get the kids involved in an interactive classroom experience.

Blog by: Mackenzie Matarozzo, 2022 NWSS Marketing & Media Intern