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Rendering of the National Western Center – 47th Avenue Festival Street and Elyria Plaza at the front door to the new Trade Show/Exhibition Hall – looking Northwest

December 18, 2014 – Today, the city of Denver released the National Western Center master plan. The details of rebuilding the current 109-year-old National Western Complex site as well as 3d renderings of the proposed plans can be found here.

National Western Stock Show Excitement Soars with 682,539 Fans Attending the 2015 Show

Denver, CO. – The 2015 National Western Stock Show finishes strong with the second highest overall attendance in Stock Show history with 682,539 visitors. That is an increase of 42,517 guests over the 2014 Stock Show and second highest in it’s 109 year history.   “We saw records consistently broken throughout the 16 days of show and are thrilled with the great turn out of Stock Show fans these last few weeks,” said Paul Andrews, President & CEO of the National Western Stock Show. “As we look to the future development of the National Western Center, the enthusiasm is high to complete the master plan and smash records for the next 100 years.”

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12-year-old Caleb (middle), son of fallen solider Chaplin Dale Goetz is surrounded by all branches of Military.

12-year-old Caleb (middle), son of fallen soldier, Chaplin Dale Goetz is surrounded by all branches of Military.

PBR Crowd “Treats the Troops” to a night at the rodeo

On Wednesday, January 14th, during the PBR Finals we asked fans to “Treat the Troops” by donating money to send military members and their family’s to our Military Appreciation Rodeo performance on January 21.

Due to the overwhelming generosity of the PBR crowd, we were able to raise over $18,000. Thank you to everyone who donated – you helped make last night’s rodeo extra special for a lot of people. 

Thank you to RE/MAX for presenting and to all the other fans who came out to support our Military, it was a great night!

CenturyLink CenturyLink is proud to support the National Western Scholarship Trust. During the 2015 National Western Stock Show, CenturyLink will donate $1 per photo uploaded to social media using the hashtag #CenturyLinkDonation to the National Western Scholarship Trust. See photos from the 2015 Stock Show
 The National Western Stock Show is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides college and graduate level scholarships in agriculture and medicine for practice in rural areas. As many as 80 scholarships are funded every year through our Scholarship Program. {click here} to learn more about our program and help support our cause.

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Upcoming Events at the
>  Denver Coin Expo, May 7-9
>  Tortillas For Tepeyac, May 8
>  Fight to Win – Machines, May 8
>  CAHC Working Western Spring Spectacular, May 9-10
>  Rocky Mountain Bird Expo, May 9-10
>  Wheel of Fortune’s Wheelmobile, May 9-10

Visit nationalwesterncomplex.com

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