A Dynamic Duo

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Today at the Simmental Female Show, a dynamic duo was judging. Father and daughter team John Grimes and Lindsey Hall, respectively, judged the Simmental Percentage and Purebred Female Open Shows. 

Grimes said that he and his daughter have judged plenty of times together at home, but this is the first time to do it in the show ring. 

“We hardly disagreed,” Grimes said. “It was just a couple of classes that we debated, but at the end of the day, we’re really happy with how it turned out.” 

When asked if they would judge a future show, Hall said, “If we get the opportunity, I’d love to judge together again.” 

Both Grimes and Hall received their bachelors at The Ohio State University in animal science. Grimes continued his education at Ohio State and received a master’s in animal science. Hall furthered her education at Kansas State receiving a master’s in ruminant nutrition. 

They own and operate registered angus, simmental angus, and angus crosses. 

Grimes said, “It was just a thrill with the tradition at National Western and the rich heritage here. There was a great set of cattle and a great experience.”