Braunvieh Show Held in The Yards

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The Braunvieh Show was held in the yards with Matt Leo, Merced, California, sorting through both the Beef Builder and Purebred Shows.

According to the Braunvieh Association of America, Braunvieh means “brown cow” in German and has a long history in the United States with the first animals being imported from Switzerland in the late 1800’s. These animals actually went on to create the first American Brown Swiss dairy cows, forming a separate breed in the dairy industry. Purebred animals were then imported from Mexico in the mid 1900’s and have grown into the breed they are today. The breed is particularly popular in Mexico where they are used as a cross with Zebu genetics. 

Exhibitors are able to show in both Purebred and Beef Builder divisions. To qualify as a Beef Builder, the animal must have one-quarter Braunvieh blood. Purebred females must have 7/8 percent Braunvieh with bulls having 15/16 percent to qualify for the Purebred show. 

Please enjoy these candids from the Braunvieh Show!