Breaking Records in the Lamb Barn

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It’s the Junior Market Lambs turn on The Hill this week and boy have they made an entrance. With upwards of 550 head of entries, 50 more than last year, the energy is thick in the lamb barn. Tonight, the Junior Market Lamb Showmen had their turn to shine in the show ring and battle for the title of Grand … Read More

Charolais Kick Off Denver with Pen Shows

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Charolais breeders packed the stands of Stockyard Arena as exhibitors showed off their pen of three females, pen of three bulls, and pen of five bulls. Pen shows kicked off Charolais events for the 2018 National Western. The state of Missouri swept the pen of five bulls show with Grand Champion going to Cody Cattle Company of Braymer, Missouri, and … Read More

Herefords Take The Yards

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302 in The Yards, 565 on The Hill and 867 total, Hereford cattle have left their mark on the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) once again. The Hereford breed has had a long history of success at the NWSS and the traditions continue. Today, Hereford exhibitors gathered down in The Yards for the Hereford Yard Show. The Grand Champion Pen … Read More

It’s All Business with the ROV Angus Female Show

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Angus finished up their last show day with the Roll of Victory Angus Female Show at Stadium Arena. Judges Chuck Brost, Larkspur, Colorado, and associate judge Tom Dalby, Cameron, Texas, sorted through the females today on the hill. Angus left their mark on the 2018 National Western Stock Show with quality cattle and high selling lots. One highlight was the … Read More

New Program Brings Future Vets to National Western

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High school students traded their books for stethoscopes as part of a new program through the National Western. Vet 101 was created to give high school students an opportunity to gain real-world experience while attending the show. Students had the chance to complete four different rotations, all focusing on different aspects of the livestock industry: small animal, large animal, equine, … Read More

Meet the Queen (Hereford, that is)

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From the small town of South Solon, Ohio, Abbygail Pitstick is currently serving as the 2018 Hereford Queen. We got a chance to sit down and ask her a few questions about her role as Queen. Q: What is your favorite part about being the Hereford Queen?A: My favorite part about being queen is being able to be someone that … Read More

Braunvieh Show Held in The Yards

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The Braunvieh Show was held in the yards with Matt Leo, Merced, California, sorting through both the Beef Builder and Purebred Shows. According to the Braunvieh Association of America, Braunvieh means “brown cow” in German and has a long history in the United States with the first animals being imported from Switzerland in the late 1800’s. These animals actually went … Read More

Setting Records for the Second Year in a Row

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Red invaded the hill as the Junior Hereford Show kicked off in Denver! This is the second year in a row the Hereford breed has set records for number of cattle entered. According to the American Hereford Association, over the next few days more than 1,000 head of Hereford cattle will step foot in the ring. The Junior Show kicked … Read More

The Calm After the Storm

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The goat barn was nothing short of busy today! With the Market and Breeding Goat Shows back to back, it was a bustling day for most of the goat exhibitors. After the conclusion of the Breeding Goat Show, the goat crew will pack up their tack and head back to home to all different parts of the nation. A little … Read More