Gelbvieh Cattle Take On the Ring

There are over 250 breeds of cattle in world and the Gelbvieh breed is one of the oldest. Since the 1850s, the Gelbvieh’s have taken the cattle species by storm. Being one of the oldest German cattle breeds, the Gelbvieh was first found in the Franconian districts of Bavaria. Like many other cattle breeds, multiple societies have helped improve the breeding of this cattle species.

January 1977 marked a significant date in history for the Gelbvieh breed as the very first American National Gelbvieh Show was held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver, Colorado. This was only the beginning as the National Western Stock Show and the American National Gelbvieh Show have joined forces to host a show honoring this breed each year.

The 2022 National Western Stock Show was no exception as the depth of quality of the Gelbvieh cattle exhibited was evident when people walked the aisles or ringside in awe. As the 2022 NWSS Gelbvieh cattle shows come to a close, it is safe to say that this breed will continue to be represented at the National Western Stock Show for many years to come and the excitement around the direction this breed is heading is real.

By Tori Huckaby, 2022 NWSS Media Scholar