So You Think you’re a Cattle Breed Expert?

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They’re not miniature, they’re mainly black, and naturally polled. Can you guess which breed of cattle I’m describing? 

According to the American Aberdeen website, the Lowline breed originated from Australia in 1929 and were developed from the Angus breed. There was a study conducted at the Trangie Agriculture Research Center in Australia to determine whether a smaller or larger animal would be more efficient in converting grass to meat. 

The herd used for the study composed of three different types. The Highlines were selected for their high growth rate. The Lowlines were used for their low yearling growth rates, then there was a control herd named the Controline. 

After the trial had been going on for 19 years, the Australian Government decided to terminate the experiment. A group of individuals interested in the Lowline breed, formed the Australian Lowline Cattle Association in August of 1992 after the auction of nine bulls, 23 heifers, and seven cows at the Trangie Agriculture Research Center. From there, the Lowline breed had been imported into the United States. 

The complete dispersal sale of the Lowline project was in October of 1993 when 20 bulls, 44 cows and 51 heifers sold for a total of $228,200. 

Having history date back to 1992 with bloodlines in various countries such as Scotland, England and Australia, the Lowlines are one of the iconic breeds in the United States today and we sure enjoy having them at the National Western Stock Show!