Tibetan Sauce

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A1 Steak Sauce is found on tables of meat eaters across the country. However, one particular Steak Sauce will not be eaten. Kylie Wagner of Bo Creek Ranch in Lenora, Kansas, has brought her 2-year-old pet steer yak named Steak Sauce with the ear tag A1 to the National Western Yak Pen Show. 

“Steak Sauce” was originally in the butcher pen, destined to become a meat animal. However, Wagner saw something special. 

“He’s always been so friendly,” Wagner said. “Anytime you were in [the pen] with him, giving him feed or whatever, he’d be licking your butt – always!”

Once “Steak Sauce” pulled on Wagner’s heart strings enough, she decided he should become a pet. 

“He’s gotten a second chance to live out his life to the fullest extent and get lots of love from everyone,” Wagner said.  

When asked how they got their sweet temperament, Wagner said that the yaks just live out to pasture and when they’re fed, they’ll walk up to them and get love and affection. About a month before the show, they get brought in and reacclimated with people. 

“They never really lose that want to be with people,” Wagner said. 

That acclamation with people was evident in the NWSS Stockyards as people of all ages and sizes walked up to the yaks and petted them. 

This is Wagner’s second year to stock show with the yaks. Bo Creek Ranch, however, has been in the yak business for 15 to 20 years.  

“Steak Sauce” will be shown in the Fiver and Halter show. 

This is his first show and he’s taking it really well. Wagner said that she was walking him down the aisle while someone started their generator. 

“That’s about as wild and western as it got,” said Wagner. “He’s really just a big sweetheart.”