Catch-A-Calf Program

One of National Western’s Most Loved Traditions
They come from Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming to compete in National Western Stock Show’s longest running program of practical beef cattle management. In just over 80 years, the Catch-A-Calf Contest has awarded nearly 3,000 steers to 4-H members hailing from the western United States.

The program began in 1935 when 10 boys caught 10 sponsored calves. The contest quickly caught on, and the program grew to include 52 calves by 1942. Soon after World War II, the program settled at 40 calves per year, which is where the number continues to stand today.
The program is designed so successful participants catch a calf, feed it, and return with the animal one year later as a market steer. The market animals are judged on rate of gain, quality of fitting, and carcass quality. The exhibitor is judged on showmanship, their record book, and a personal interview.

Catch-A-Calf contests in the Coliseum will be held during the rodeo on Friday, January 15, 2021 (matinee performance), Saturday, January 16, 2021 (matinee performance) and Sunday, January 17, 2021 (matinee & evening performances).
Want to know more? Watch this video about our 2020 Grand Champion family.
Listen to a radio bit about Catch-A-Calf here.

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