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There have been lots of changes to our grounds as we move through the expansion project and prepare for the grand opening of the historic Yards and the new Stockyards Event Center (SYEC) at the January 2022 show.

Below are the facts, details, and amenities that will help you prepare for the upcoming show - January 8-23, 2022. If you have any questions, please reach out to our staff -- we are happy to help!

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Our new 40,000 sq. ft. Stockyards Event Center binds the Sale Arena and the Show Arena, sharing a wall that will welcome congruency, flow, and an elevated experience to The Yards. With hundreds of Day & Night pens set in a standardized grid format, efficiency and flow will undoubtedly be maximized. Exhibitors will know the size of their pen, its location and have future online resources to ensure customer traffic to their pens.

Pen Area:

Pen Area - click on image to enlarge


SYEC Looking to the North, Construction View taken on 1.15.21 - click to enlarge

Show Arena:

The Show Arena, formerly known as the Pepsi Arena, is now twice the size and shares a wall with the Sale Arena. At 100’ x 90’ compared to a 45’ x 30’ in the old facility.

The black ovals represent cattle. The dotted lines are hoop gates to create holding pens or individual group division. Also, note the rounded corners so cattle don't get trapped in them. While in an actual setting, both rings very well may be used, but mesh coverings over the center divider panels and separated AV systems will assure separation. Note: There is also an audio/PA system from the announcer's stand to the outdoor staging/photo/production area.

Sale Arena:

The new sale arena replaces the old sale barn in the yards commonly referred to as the LCAA.


The Herd Sire area is a trademark event that simply can't be replicated anywhere else. With a 25% expansion of this area, there will now be just over 150 Herd Sire stalls available for producers and companies to market genetics like never before. With a NEW  bar inside of the SYEC serving beers as cold as the Rockies just steps away, the Herd Sire ambiance is sure to thrive for years to come over the middle weekend of National Western.


For the 2022 show, acres of exhibitor parking will be available on the future pad sites of the Livestock Center, Legacy Building, and Equestrian Center. This places exhibitor parking between the Yards and The Hill, with Courtesy Carts to shuttle folks back and forth, all while helping bridge the longer distance.


The facilities on The Hill will remain the same as they’ve been for the past several years. With the completion of the Brighton Blvd. construction, Gate 7 and O Lot will still serve as our Hill staging and check-in areas. Modifying our entry system, stalling, move-in, and move-outs are somethings our staff is hyper-focused on improving, and updates will be announced closer to the 2022 show.