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January 6-21, 2024

What to expect at the 2024 Show!

There have been lots of changes to our grounds as we move through the expansion project. In 2022, we reopened the historic Yards and the new Stockyards Event Center (SYEC) at the January  show. As we progress, you will see exciting changes and updates to the NWSS  complex. There are a lot of details and information below; welcome back to Denver!


OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Legacy Livestock Imaging is the official photographer of the 2023 NWSS Livestock Shows. To view and order photos, visit
Legacy Livestock Imaging is the exclusive livestock photographer at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO and is the only entity that has the right to sell livestock images. All exceptions to this must be vetted directly through Legacy Livestock Imaging and the National Western Stock Show staff.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: All cattle must have a negative BVD test stated on their health papers. All livestock must have a clean CVI within 30 days of arrival to the NWSS. Click the link for testing labs and specific requirements.

Exhibitors will receive a parking permit upon arrival. NWSS does not offer on-site trailer parking, however exhibitors may park trailers for the duration of their stay for $50 at Dicks Sporting Goods Park, a short distance away. You pay upon arrival to Dicks Sporting Goods Parking.

There are several hotels within reasonable driving distance of the NWSS. NWSS has a great partnership with Marriot Hotels in Denver. Reference the NWSS when booking your rooms for exhibitor rates. Click here to veiw 2024 deals!!

Livestock Layover:
Adams County Regional Park. Click here for further details!!


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Stockmen In The Stockyards

Contacts & Schedules

Leon Vick
VP of Rodeo, Horse & Livestock Operations

Jennifer Boka
Director of Livestock Operations

Alyssa Cure
Livestock Operations Assistant

Livestock Layover:

Adams County Fair Grounds

Yards Exhibitors
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Yards & Stockyards Event Center Details
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Hill Exhibitors
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Welcome Yards Exhibitors!

Leave your generator at home: No need to pack a generator, the POWER is on us! Each Day Pen has ample power, so leave the heavy lifting at home. There are images and specifications if you keep scrolling down.

Tent and Heater Rentals: If you'd like to have a tent or heater for your pens, we recommend you book ahead through our friends at Butler Rents! Easy and convenient.
Joe Parker: 303-626-7550, [email protected]

Stockyards Event Center (SYEC)

Show Arena

The Show Arena, formerly known as the Pepsi Arena, is now twice the size and shares a wall with the Sale Arena. At 100’ x 90’ compared to a 45’ x 30’ in the old facility. (Photo will be updated soon!)


SHOW RING LAYOUT: The black ovals in the drawings, represent cattle. The dotted lines are hoop gates to create holding pens or individual group division. Also, note the rounded corners so cattle don't get trapped in them. While in an actual setting, both rings very well may be used, but mesh coverings over the center divider panels and separated AV systems will assure separation. Note: There is also an audio/PA system from the announcer's stand to the outdoor staging/photo/production area.


Above diagram shows the Staging/North Plaza layout

Sale Arena

The new sale arena replaces the old sale barn in the yards commonly referred to as the LCAA.


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The Hill

Things on The Hill are essentially the same as they have been in years past. Exhibitor parking has expanded and moved closer to the bottom of The Hill.

Space is not guaranteed on-grounds until your breed/species designated arrival time. For those needing to arrive early or stay late, we recommend contacting:
Adams County Fair Grounds 

For every Hill cattle stall, 1/2 yard of pre-bedding material will be provided. There will not be cleanouts between each wave of exhibitors. For additional bedding, you can skip the line and order for day-of delivery at In-person Feed & Bedding store will still be available both on The Hill and in The Yards from 7 AM-7 PM daily.
*A friendly reminder that there is NO outside bedding permitted at the NWSS livestock shows.

Exhibitors will receive a parking permit upon arrival. NWSS does not offer on-site trailer parking, however, exhibitors may park trailers for the duration of their stay for $50 at Dick Sporting Goods Park, a short distance away. You pay upon arrival at Dicks Sporting Goods Park.

Download Trailer Parking Map